Why, yes, that is a ten centimeter square.

One of the nice things about a 6″ diameter rocket is that the diagonal of a ten centimeter square is 5.57″.  That means a cubesat can fit inside the rocket.  I’m building a payload bay into my nose cone that can hold a 3U cubesat.  I made a removable endcap for the nosecone that screws into a ring that’s epoxied into the nose cone.


My plan is to offer a free ride whenever I go out to fly to any educational or non-profit organization that has a cubesat.  The rocket will only go up a few thousand feet (up to a few tens of thousands if I complete all of the upgrades on my wish list.)  Still it will be a cool experience for students to see their cubesat fly on any rocket, and with the popularity of cubesats there may be a shortage of free rides.

In other news, life intervened and I couldn’t make it out to the launch this month either.  That’s still on the to-do list.


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