Two Mustangs

My project to modify my mustang rocket has gotten more complicated.  In my original attempt to modify the rocket I broke some things.  It was really hard modifying things inside the tube with everything already glued together.  So I bought another Mustang kit to complete the project.  But then I realized that with some of the parts from the new kit that I wasn’t going to need, I could rework the original rocket as well.  So I’m winding up making two rockets.


The bottom one is an original size mustang, but with the engine mount extended to fit up to 6 grain motors.  That’s now all done except for painting, and it’s the one I will use for my level one certification flight.

The top two tubes fit together to make a stretched version that can hold up to 27″ long motors and will be dual-deployment.  For that one, the engine-mount/fin can section is done, but I still have to make the e-bay in the recovery section.  I won’t be able to use that one for my level two certification because there aren’t any certified J motors in 29mm size, but after I get my level two certification with another rocket, I know someone who is working on an experimental hybrid motor who thinks he can fit J impulse into a 29mm x 27″ long motor.

I haven’t checked these new designs for stability yet, but if necessary I will add modelling clay to the hollow plastic nose cones.


Stretched Mustang

For my L1 certification flight I have a Mustang model that I am modding to a stretched version that can take longer motors.  The Cesaroni Pro-29 3-grain case (pictured) has some H size reloads.0615161337

The Mustang model is from AeroTech.  It uses a 1.9″ body tube, which doesn’t appear to be a common size.  In fact, AeroTech models are the only ones I’ve found that use 1.9″.  I found places where I could order the body tube and coupler, but the problem was getting the centering rings.  The only off-the-shelf way that I could find to order the centering rings was as part of a combined motor mount/Fin-Lok™ Kit.  I already have fins and I wanted more than the two centering rings that come in a kit so I would have had to order multiple kits.

In the end, I found a place called Balsa Machining Service in Pahrump, Nevada that had the 1.9″ body tube and coupler and was willing to cut some centering rings for me on their laser cutter.  I was really happy with their service.  I got 100 centering rings cut so if anyone needs a centering ring for a 29mm motor mount tube in a 1.9″ body tube I can give you some.